25 years of  Granada Seminar


June 15-19, 2015

 in La Herradura, Tropical Coast of Granada, Spain

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Physics Meets the Social Sciences:

Emergent cooperative phenomena, from bacterial to human group behaviour

The aim of this multidisciplinary meeting is to bring together social scientists, system biologists, applied mathematicians, physicists and other scientists to debate on advances and challenges concerning the emergence from cooperation between living things, whether they be bacteria, bees, fishes, wolves, humans, companies, countries...  (On June 17th we’ll celebrate Joaquín Marro’s 70th Birthday)




Main speakers:

Notes: Several conference talks will be invited from submitted abstracts — The best posters prepared by PhD students and presented in this event will be granted a prize — These pages contain the best available and constantly updated information; please visit them from time to time.

Contact us at: cphys@ugr.es

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University of Granada Institute Carlos I for Theoretical and Computational Physics Ministry for Science and Innovation European Physical Society Departament of Electromagnetism and Physics of Materials

Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire American Physical Society Real Sociedad Española de Física American Elements, global manufacturer of metals, alloys, chemicals, & nanomaterials for advanced engineering & technology