16th Edition. Day 6

Recordings. 16th Edition Granada Seminar. Day 6.

David Huse - Princeton University

David Huse

Quantum thermalization and many-body localization: some fundamentals of quantum statistical mechanics. Most physical systems that contain many interacting degrees of freedom that are excited to energies well above of the ground state do act as a “bath” or “reservoir” for their own subsystems and thus go to thermal equilibrium under ... Read more
Margarida Telo da Gama

Margarida Telo da Gama

Non-equilibrium interfaces. An interface is the moving or static boundary between two bulk phases. These can be free or constrained by the presence of a third phase, boundaries or inhomogeneities in the medium. At and near equilibrium the field has matured and has led to the prediction and observation of a range of novel non-trivial phenomena. ... Read more
Jian Sheng Wang

Jian-Sheng Wang

Energy, momentum, and angular momentum transfers mediated by photons. Consider N objects in vacuum each locally may in thermal equilibrium but globally in nonequilibrium steady state. Transport of energy, momentum, or angular momentum is then possible mediated by the electromagnetic fields.... ... Read more