16th Edition. Day 4

Recordings. 16th Edition Granada Seminar. Day 4.

Miguel Angel Muñoz

Miguel Ángel Muñoz

Universal and Non-Universal Scaling in Brain Activity and Artificial Neural Networks. The human brain is in a (non-equilibrium) state of perpetual reverberating activity, even in the absence of stimuli and tasks. Shedding light onto the origin and functional meaning of such an activity has become essential to understand how the brain represents ... Read more
Aleksandra Walczak

Aleksandra Walczak

The scales of viral-host co-evolution Living systems often attempt to calculate and predict the future state of the environment. Given the stochastic nature of many biological systems how is that possible? ... Read more
Mehran Kardar - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mehran Kardar

Competing species growing on a rugged front. When competing species expand into new territory, the population is dominated by descendants of a few successful ancestors at the expansion front. Successful ancestry is stochastic, but biased by fitness of the individual, as well as favorable geographic location ... Read more